Friday, August 31, 2007

The Site Relaunched ~ Eien Fushigi Yuugi ~

I can finally announce the site is back up again and alive and I'm updating it and working on it and it's got more stuff now and it got adds to click too *evil look* so start clicking start checking and so start feedbacking me on how it is and where are broken links and stuff.

Btw anyone know a good shout box provider ? I need one -_-' I so need one >.>

i was thinking about putting up episodes O.o is that a good idea ? but it takes hell lotta time loading and i dont wanna host it on my provider it'll screw up the whole thing and my site would shut down T__T so what do I use ? don't say rapidshare or yousendit I hate both >.> I need BIG SPACE !!! the files are in high resolution high class high size, I've decided on putting up just one episode a week and that too if I get enough clicks to pay for the bandwidth >.> it'll be sorta rotation site's like if i put in too many ppl would just use DAP's and try getting all done at once -_-'' so I'll keep it as rotation, is that a good idea or not ?

fill me in on the thoughts u guys have, just go on the community and post and ask away

ja ne for now

*feeling sick and down*

Friday, May 4, 2007

Lyrics ! Wakatte Ita Hazu

Okay so call it nutty but I'm gonna start posting lyrics here to all songs I can find

Starting with :

Wakatte-ita hazu

Insert song

Sung by: Satou Akemi

Lyrics: Satou Akemi

Composition: Kiyo'oka Chiho

Arrangement: Tsuchiya Manabu

koibito-tachi no waraigoe
mune wo shimetsukeru

ameagari no
shuumatsu no gogo na no ni
watashi hitori machi wo aruku
soba ni
itai no ni

sonna koto wakatte-ita hazu
suki ni nareba natta dake
kurushimu koto

setsunai ne wakatte-iru no ni
omotte-iru anata dake wo
konna ni
aenai toki mo


donna toki mo
issho ni ite hoshii nante
omoccha ikenai to

watashi no kokoro no koe
tomerarezu ni ima mo afure
sou de
kurushii no

watashi ni wa wakatte-ita hazu
aishitatte hitorijime
dekinai koto

demo ima wa taisetsu na omoi
watashi dake ga mieru hontou


watashi ni wa wakatte-ita hazu
aishitatte hitorijime
dekinai koto

demo ima wa taisetsu na omoi
watashi dake ga mieru hontou


The laughing voices
of lovers passing by
makes me get all choked up.

Even though the rain has stopped
on this weekend afternoon,
I'm walking the streets all alone,
even though
I want to be with you.

I should have known this.
If I fell in love with you that much,
I would hurt just as much.

Even though I know it's heart-wrenching,
I keep thinking only of you,
even when
I can't see you.


Even though
I know I shouldn't think about
how I wish we could always be together,

even now, the voice of my heart,
which I've tried to suppress,
seems to overflow
so much so that it hurts.

I should have known.
I just can't keep my love for you
inside, all to myself.

But now, it's a precious thought.
I believe in the truth
only I see,
and keep on loving you.


I should have known.
I just can't keep my love for you
inside, all to myself.

But now, it's a precious thought.
I believe in the truth [1]
only I see,
and keep on loving you.

Avatars +2

Maika and Nuriko Avatars

Let's see you guys guess the part they're from ~_^



Been Away Too Long...

Been too long since I haven't had a chance to come on my community or my site or blog... things happened, hich I couldn't stop... and things went wrong and lots more that happened... still... I won't bother you guys with my tale


Amiboshi Wallpaper

not new but it's not on the blog so here it is.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Own Poetry ~ The Lonely Sun

Konnichiwa !

well back after long for another update, another poem written by me composed on Fushigi Yuugi featuring Miaka...

Monday, March 5, 2007

I'll Be Away from Net for a While

Just to inform u guys I won't be seen online for quite sometime, having some personal problem so sorry about this. I hope Lee has returned and is safe, I hope you guys are all having a great time... gosh Lee where are you ? I've missed you so much !!!

gtg now, hope to see you dear guys soon InshaAllah, Take Care all and love you all ^_^

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm Depressed... And I Know it...

Oh God... I just don't know when people will start understanding me... is there no one else in the world who gives a damn to what I feel except Tamahome ? the members in my community feel I'm bossy and bad... is it wrong to care for all of them... did I go too far... I guess I shouldn't have gotten emotionally involved with everyone... it hurts a lot when I do that... everytime... every single time..... when just when will I learn to keep myself to myself... it hurts too much..... Tamahome.......... please come back....... I need you a bit too much now....... please come back please my love..... I'm so depressed so deserted... who do I turn to.... come back.... I had only you..... forever... only you... I still sing a sad love song... my tune will never change... God... how I miss you tonight... the members at my community made me cry so much tonight... my heart feels so very heavey... no one loves me no one needs me.... no one but you... come back... please come back...... I miss you oh so much....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Own Poetry ~ Tell Me...

This is a poen I wrote for my Tamahome and composed it on an FY image also my own, I dunno how you guys will like it but... it's okay, I'm staisfied... My tamahome will like it for sure... it's all for him :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some new Avatars ^.^

Since the site is not getting up really quick I might as well share stuff here !

Tamahome Manga Style


Chibi Tasuki ^.^ Kawaii ^.^

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Fushigi Yuugi Fanclub ^.^

This here is a link to a manga download forum which has Fushigi Yuugi too ! I just joined up today and saw that there was an option for creating Fanclubs so obviously I went and made one ^.^ join up you guys it'll be fun and the more you post there the more manga you can get neat huh ?
Sayonara for now, I just had my windows reinstalled so am having some probs being online >_<'

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Miaka & Yui ~ Precious Moments

Okay guys/gals, this one is for the Yui crazy fans and the Miaka ones too, I can't make a Yui Nakgo one that fast so here's another new one... based on the friendship of Miaka and Yui it starts from the time they first met till just before they found The Universe of The Four Gods... comments would be welcomed ^^

Miaka & Yui ~ Precious Moments

Gomen Nasai !!! Mitsukake & Shouka~Sad Love...

Gomen nasai gomen nasai gomen nasai !!!!! I actually forgot the Mitsukake and Shouka wallpaper !!! I'm uploading it now... Gomen ne...

Mitsuakake & Shouka~Sad Love

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Special !! For My Tamahome...

Yes, it was very difficult to get this result... it took me hours to fininsh it to what it is now... Tamahome anata... I hope you like it... Aishteru ... Zutto

Tamahome & Miaka ~ Star of Love

Tamahome & Miaka ~ Star of Love vr2

This version two is special, the background image wsas the thing that half killed me ... the cleaning took soooooo long O_O !!!!

Valentine's Special !! Soi and Nakago ~

Yups you heard it right >>> for die hard fans like Yui and Lee * made it acctually with Lee in mind cause he's in love with Soi * this is a special... hell it took 2 full hours to extract and make like this especially the front Soi was crazily tricky to extract !!! so enjoy ^_^

Soi no Yume...

Valentine's Special !! Nuriko and Hotohori ~

Nuriko and Hotohori~Love & Beauty

Ah! I just love this one ! don't they look beautiful together ! the perfect pair ! if only she was a girl...

Tragedy !!!

I'm sorry to inform you guys that my laptop blew a cord and will not be functional for the next few days, that mean no updates on the site or the blog ! I'll try to post the special pics and wallpapers here from my house PC since my main site is also damn gone again ! so for a few days consider this blog to be my site . ~_~ yes yes I know it's irritating but I'll try to make it fun and interesting okay. Sayonara till then...

Check tonight for more updates and special pics for tomorrow ~_^

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Site Update !! Valentine's Day Specials Coming Up !!

Okay guys/Gals, I'm gonna be making a bunch of VD special stuff and giving a peview here until I put them on my site so tell me how ou like them and what more do you want... like something made on some special character etc.

Here's a new Mitsukake & Shouka Wallpaper sneek preview ~_^

Friday, February 9, 2007

Still Working...New Avatar

Grrrrrrrrrrr, been up all night trying to get the site to work and this templete according to the site but the stupid templete stayes as ugly as ever ! damn ! I'm changing it to a better looking one now and then try to change it's appearance.

okay I tried and succeeded... hell it's not what I wanted but oh well it's better than nothing ...

made new avatar :

Awww doesn't he look kawaii looking at the menu in such a confused style ^_^

~Eien fushigi Yuugi~ The New beginning

Yosha !! now that my blog is ready Konichiwa all ^_^ this is for my beautifil site ~Eien Fushigi Yuugi~ I'll be updating here as well as the updates section and it will contain all my gribbish ^_^