Friday, August 31, 2007

The Site Relaunched ~ Eien Fushigi Yuugi ~

I can finally announce the site is back up again and alive and I'm updating it and working on it and it's got more stuff now and it got adds to click too *evil look* so start clicking start checking and so start feedbacking me on how it is and where are broken links and stuff.

Btw anyone know a good shout box provider ? I need one -_-' I so need one >.>

i was thinking about putting up episodes O.o is that a good idea ? but it takes hell lotta time loading and i dont wanna host it on my provider it'll screw up the whole thing and my site would shut down T__T so what do I use ? don't say rapidshare or yousendit I hate both >.> I need BIG SPACE !!! the files are in high resolution high class high size, I've decided on putting up just one episode a week and that too if I get enough clicks to pay for the bandwidth >.> it'll be sorta rotation site's like if i put in too many ppl would just use DAP's and try getting all done at once -_-'' so I'll keep it as rotation, is that a good idea or not ?

fill me in on the thoughts u guys have, just go on the community and post and ask away

ja ne for now

*feeling sick and down*